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Sustainable Art



  • A true professional

    “So I got my board from Claire Marie Artist from Australia . . . I can’t begin to express how happy I am with the results! She’s an amazing artist and a true professional. I’ve already had multiple friends ask about it and the history.” - Wayne

  • Artwork on repurposed surf boards

    “I have for a long time been amazed and just love Claire Marie's artwork on repurposed surf boards. Is this not incredible work? So detailed and so beautiful.” - Mark

  • Love your work

    "Just love your work. Especially this one lol. You have captured Jack's expression and concentration perfectly. Such an amazing ingredient talent you have. Much love!" - Carolyn

  • Amazing colours

    "I just love all of your artwork Claire. The subject matter, amazing colours and the awesome detail in all your work, I love it all. Keep up the great work Claire" - Philip

  • Eye for detail

    "You have a great eye for choosing which details are important. It really directs the focus of each piece. You do great work!" - David

  • The coolest dreams

    "Your paintings are like the coolest dreams you could ever have." - Michael